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7 Steps brings the chakra system, taught by Eastern cultures for thousands of years, into alignment with West­ern psychology. By combining these two powerful thought streams, we enhance our ability to find peace, harmony and a happier life.

These seven steps  correlate with the seven chakras of the ancients, which represent seven distinct powers of mind.   You can use the energy of these seven powers to get the best from yourself and your relationships and to find solutions within your deep,

inner center of wisdom.

They supply energy to any part of the body when it is needed, especially when disease is present. This system controls every body organ as well as whole systems of body func­tioning. Every chakra is associated with different organs and characteristics.


The First Step To Personal Power :  Claim The Power Within

We begin to claim our power when we understand the significance of our beliefs. Your belief system is exactly and precisely what guides and directs your life, both consciously and unconsciously. It is the foundation of ex­perience, just as a basement is the foundation of a house. We create our own reality, and then unconsciously attempt to live out our belief of what is going to happen. This process works in subtle ways.

When we decide to take over direction of our lives, we enlist the power of our will, which is the power of the first chakra. Directing our lives involves focusing the direction of our inner thoughts and actions. To follow through we need to access our creative, unconscious resources, find ways to affirm our abilities and reinforce and nurture positive opportunities.

Unless we fully understand the potent concept of en­gaging and believing in our own will, setting a new direc­tion remains difficult if not impossible. Appreciating the significance of our beliefs is the first step we take to bring positive possibilities into our lives. An act of will is the basis for change of beliefs, and the energy of will moves upward through the entire system. Getting your will to work for you may be easier than you think.