Explore the work of artists who have created visual  images of  their journey across many medias to discover their own creative spirit. 


Films  create awareness of cross-cultural values, and support the growth of productive and compassionate adults. Inspirational films engage sight and sound in the journey to discovery of one’s own story, values and culture.

 Films are curated around the example of the Tree of Contemplative Practices with roots in communication, connection and awareness that branch so subjects matter including mindfulness, social justice, bearing witness, yoga, dance, sacred spaces, and cultural tradition.


Prose, poetry, film, and movement create a multi-sensory learning experience that supports learners to develop their own  practice and awaken their inner purpose while enjoying whole body health.


Based upon the aural traditions of Native Americans and Indigenous people, passed down through the generations by listening and remembering and then repeating the next generation, we honor the traditional ancient wisdom and invite you to discover and create a story about your own heroes’ journey.


Creativity in the digital world allows us to easily connect ideas that are seemingly not connectable. Connecting ideas is the basis for creativity.  Building upon those ideas is the basis of new knowledge.  Digital collage helps the learner discover—through the process of what they select, delete or modify in their selection of images—their own feelings, dreams and perceived obstacles. Clarifying thoughts or emotions through digital images enables us to connect with our own feelings and communicate with others.


Music and creativity, spirituality, emotions, healing and asks, “Can music be a transforming factor for the expansion of the human mind, body and spirit?”

. . . . ways people grow

"The creative spirit and the compassionate spirit are not things apart but kindred responses to life."